“If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.”- Sheryl Crow

Hi there! I’m She, a barrio lass from Philippines now living in Paris. This blog is spin-off of my immigration here in France. I got here in mid-2016. I’m passionate about many things, in random, that I often whine (inside my head) that this lifetime is not enough to do everything that I would want to do. Like everybody else, I love music, literature, cinema, and history. So I got this romance on knowing the story of each street, corner, bridge, park, etc. in Paris as well as concerts and movies. I try to keep myself updated with fashion stuff but I still follow the minimalist principle.


Another interest of mine is making things as simple as possible. It is my laziness that drives me to organize things and make them accessible. I’ve got this passion for archiving. I’m a digital hoarder so I will be documenting too the administrative procedures relating to immigration that I’ve been through so I could share it. Establishing your life in a totally different environment is not that easy dude so I hope that those searching for information and who might stumble upon this blog can extract something useful. Being able to make someone’s life easier through this is a reward for me already…and…I get to write.