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Marilyn Manson’s Heaven Upside Down Tour at AccorHotels Arena, Paris (27/11/17)

The couch at home is the best hang out place for me but Marilyn Manson had pushed me to go to AccorHotels Arena, Paris to watch his concert even if it was rainy and cold. On the way, I was thinking of the long queue and the pushing but luckily it wasn’t what I had anticipated.

Upon getting out of the Metro stations, there were already personnel who guided the concert goers. The security personnel at AccorHotels Arena, Paris were polite and approachable. Someone helped us find our seats too. It seemed like someone checked the crowd at each corner. The “going in” went smoothly.

The Door’s “The End” was played in the dark just before Marilyn Manson took over the stage. I thought it was Marilyn Manson who sang it in the beginning because I think he could sing like Jim Morrison too. But it was just a record. He came to stage right after with the “Revelation #12” from his Heaven Upside Down Album. I did sing along because it’s one of the songs that I’ve remembered from his new album. Though I was more of counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 than singing. It was followed by “This is the New St”.
Marilyn Manson has not let the audience down despite his injuries, although he’s been complaining and swearing of his “broken leg” situation but still in a funny way, or that’s how I and the people around me took it because they were laughing as well. He got his injuries during his concert in New York on 30 September when his pistol props fell on him while performing “Sweet Dreams”. It must be hard performing with the same props (or look-alike) which broke your leg just behind you.  

It’s quite difficult to imagine how a rock star with a broken leg would maintain his verve. Well, Marilyn Manson did. Everybody’s feeling sorry for his injuries but him performing “Revelation #12” in a wheelchair was kind of comical still. And please add the fact that he had two medical personnel in scrub suit stationed on stage and whose built could qualify as bouncers too. I had doubted if they were real doctors or nurses but Marilyn Manson needs to be watched, so why not.

After getting tired of the wheelchair, he stood up with some leg support, his leg bent and protruding backward. Once again, I would say he must be really frustrated for not being able to perform like he always does because of his leg but he was still a charmer. It is a disputable word to describe him but he did charm the crowd every time he’s heard saying “I love you Paris” with his so deep voice.

Marilyn Manson is Marilyn Manson and he’s what I’ve perceived him to be. 

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