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Mother’s Day in France: Its Origin, Date and Some Gift Ideas

In the Philippines, US, Australia, and more countries, we celebrate Mother’s Day on the 2nd Sunday of May. So while my social media feeds are flooded with Mother’s Day greetings, there was nothing unusual in France that day. 

In France, the Fête des Mères takes place every last Sunday of May except when the Pentecost falls on the same day. In the latter case, Mother’s day will be moved to the first Sunday of June. The date changes and it may cause confusion but don’t worry, business marketing strategists are there to remind us. 

How did Mother’s Day start?

In the U.S.

Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia is known to have originated the Mother’s day in the 1900s following her mother’s death. Her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, was also an activist and was said to have organized activities to teach mothers how to take of their children before the Civil War. In 1868, she initiated the “Mothers Friendship Day” to promote reconciliation in war-torn America. 

U.S. President Woodrow Wilson declared in 1914 that every 2nd Sunday of May is a national holiday to honor all the mothers in the country.

In the Philippines

In 1980, former President Ferdinand Marcos declared the 2nd Monday of December as Mother’s Day in the Philippines. It was changed during the time of President Corazon Aquino and based it on the American’s date. President Joseph Estrada then changed it back to the 2nd Monday of December. There were no changes since then but we continued to celebrate Mother’s Day on the 2nd Sunday of May.

In France

The Maréchal Pétain of the Vichy government gave a speech on the radio in 1942 to honor the mothers as the ones responsible for giving everyone the sense of work, discipline, and modesty which makes strong people and that the mothers are the inspiration of the Christian society. Though under this government, women were excluded in public life and not allowed to work. Women must focus on giving children. 

However, it is not the Maréchal Pétain who founded Mother’s day in France. Early celebrations to honor the mothers already took place. The village of Artas in Isère state (in their website) to be the “Berceau de la Fête des Mères” or the cradle of Mother’s day. In 1906, a ceremony was held honoring mothers of large families. Two mothers, out of 12 candidates, won the vote. Each winner had 9 children.

The objective of the celebrations is to promote childbirth and repopulate France whose population has severely declined because of the wars. 

The Origin as in Origin

Mother’s Day goes all the way back to ancient Greece. They honor Gaia (mother earth) for being the source of life. Then the worship passed on to her daughter Rhea who was considered as the Mother of Gods. They honor her during their annual spring festival for being the goddess of nature and fertility.

Mother’s day may have become commercialized but it is not invented by the marketing strategists to boost their sales. It was born out of gratitude to the woman who gave us life, risked her own, and gave up a part of her liberty. Because of mothers, humanity will perpetuate.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s the thought that counts. A simple gesture of showing your gratitude to the mothers out there would mean a lot. 

1. Renpho Electric Foot Massage

Most mothers are busy juggling motherhood and their career. Working the whole day and go back home and see to it that everything is in order. What better way to thank them is to give them something that makes them relaxed at the end of a long day. This bestseller Renpho electric foot massage is the perfect one after a whole day of using our feet.

2. Echo High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Hula Hoop

As life gets busier, mothers may not have so much time to go to the gym. The hula hoop is a fun way of trimming your waist’s circumference and a very effective cardio exercise. Plus, you could do it at home and will make you gracious.

3. Dsaren Fitness Skipping Rope for kids and adults

A non-slip skipping rope with a counter which you can take wherever you go.

4. Remington Volumizing Blow Dry Brush

One of the things that take much of women’s time is blow drying your hair. It could take 20-30 minutes to do your hair with a blow-dry on one hand and a brush on the other. With this brush, you could cut down the time to 10 minutes and do other things. Isn’t it a perfect gift?

5. Babybliss Curling Tong

Why not add some drama to your hair with this Babybliss curling tong. It provides a lasting curl effect and has a controlled heat for enhanced hair protection.

6. Umami Japanese Bento Lunch Box

 Mother’s have a lot of things going on in her head. When she eats lunch at work, this ergonomic Bento Lunch box will remind her that you care for her.


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