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What is the Compte personnel de formation (personal training account) and how to use it

Here in France, everyone is encouraged to continue learning through professional training and studies until the retirement age. All throughout our working life here, we earn credits yearly. These credits can be used to finance the professional training that we would like to undertake. Be it a training on language, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, video editing, programming, or whatever it is that interests you.

From DIF or Droit individuel à la formation (individual right to training) to CPF or Compte personnel de formation (personal training account)

The CPF or compte personnel de formation which was established in January 2015 kind of replaced the DIF or Droit individuel à la formation (individual right to training).

The DIF enables each employee to accumulate 20 hours of professional training every year until the end of 2014.

Under the CPF, the credits earned are no longer in hours but in euros. Each full-time employee is entitled to 500€ per year and a ceiling of 5000€. The CPF allows you to:

–  Acquire a qualification ( with a diploma, professional title, etc.)

–   Acquire basic knowledge (language, basic math calculation, etc.)

–   Assistance/be accompanied for the Validation des acquis de l’experience (VAE) or validation of acquired experience.

–   Carry out skills or assessments of skills

–  Create or take over a business etc.

– It could be used also to finance your driving lessons to obtain a Permis B driver’s license.

With the reform, the hours you earned under the DIF are conserved. You have until 30 June 2021 to carry this forward to your account (CPF). Please read below for additional information and take note of the date.

So how do you check your CPF or Compte personnel de formation?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to call anyone or submit any paper. All you have to do is go to the government’s website  http://www.moncompteformation.gouv.fr/ and provide your social security number to log-in to your account for the first time securely. This is also one of the reasons why you should not communicate your social security number to any unauthorized person.

From there, you can see the credits you’ve earned by clicking on « mes droits de formation ».

To search for a training or « formation » of your desire, please click « recherche une formation ».

To use your credits, start searching a “formation” that suits your needs and then click on it.

How does the conversion work?

Your employment before the end of 2014, gave you the right to accumulate up to 20 hours of professional training per year with the agreement of your employer. This, however, should not exceed 120 hours for a period of 6 years. 

The hours earned in the droit individuel à la formation (DIF) will be converted into euros at the rate of 15€ per hour. These will be automatically included in your compte personnel de formation (CPF) starting July 1, 2021 but without exceeding € 5,000.

The number of hours

Situation 1 : If you work successively for several employers, from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2014, only the ‘attestation’ or certificate of your latest employer is accepted. 

            Example : If you work for Madame X from January-December 2009 and you resigned. Then you work for Madame Y from January 2010-December 2012. You found a better work with Madame Z from January-December 2013. 

            In this case, you should submit the ‘attestation de l’employeur’ or certificate of employment of your latest employer.

Situation 2 : If you work simultaneously for different employers, get the total of the hours worked for each employer. You must scan all the certificates or documents (payslips) in one document before you upload it.

            Example : You for Madame X during Mondays and Tuesdays, for Madame Y during Wednesdays and Thursdays and Madame Z during the weekends. You have many employers at the same time.

Situation 3 : If you want to declare hours exceeding 120, enter 120 hours and upload your droit individuel à la formation certificate and contact mon compte formation through their contact form so they could get back to you.

What if you do not have the attestation de l’employeur or certificate of employment

            Under the law, your employer is obliged to give you your bulletin de salaire or payslips which indicates the hours for the droit individuel à la formation or in the certificate of employment.

For very detailed information, you’re encouraged to visit the official site of mon compte formation.

If you are interested in learning Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, html/css, and WordPress to create a beautiful blog. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and I could give some recommendation for a good training which is adapted for your work schedule. Thanks for your time reading.

Updated: 06 May 2021

Disclaimer: The information you’re reading is based on the research of a private individual as a hobby. You are still bound to check its accuracy.

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