COVID19 Lockdown Part II: Stay At Home Ideas

No one would want to be locked down especially for the second time. Sadly, none of the choices to curb the spread of the Covid19 is simple. So what we could do is cooperate and at the same time try to minimize the negative impacts of social isolation on our physical and mental health.

Stay connected with your friends and family

As social animals, we need to interact with others. COVID19 is total bad luck, but luckily we are in the year 2020. Imagine having this pandemic in 1990. No Facebook, no Skype, no Zoom, no Tiktok, no Instagram, no WeTransfer, no YouTube, and who had an internet connection in 1990? My point is, we have the means to communicate even thousands of miles away. Let’s use this. We no longer need to line up for those Philippine Long Distance Telephone booths to call our loved ones. Now, it’s basically free and easy. So, reconnect with your grade school classmates, cousins, and your childhood friends. Have a tea party with your friends via Zoom or join a Zoom Yoga class.

Regular physical exercises

20,99 € (paire) PROIRON Haltères en Néoprène Paire d’haltères de 1kg à 10kg dans Différents Poids (2er-Set)

20,99 € (paire) PROIRON Haltères en Néoprène Paire d’haltères de 1kg à 10kg dans Différents Poids (2er-Set)

Needless to say, physical activities play an important role in reducing stress and anxiety. If your confined at home and your professional activities affected, use this time to build a six-pack, learn new yoga poses, or another dance move.

So pick your dumbbells and spread your yoga mats!

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Learn new skills.

Probably, at least once in your life, you have said ‘’If I could only do that… ‘’. Now is the time to learn new skills. Maybe, learn how to play the guitar? Learn hula hooping? Or blogging?

With the affordable classes online, you now have the possibility to earn a certificate from one of these accredited institutions.

For a list of some of these courses, please click the image.

Redecorate your place.

Reconfiguring our rooms or apartments can change our mood. Move your furniture, free some space by letting go of your hoard. Go clean up and declutter.

Sing your heart out.

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There have been studies suggesting that singing makes people feel more positive compared to just listening to music. It also works out our lungs and diaphragm and could reduce stress. So grab your mic on and start the fun!

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