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Autumn-winter goody sneakers ideas to wear in Paris

Having the appropriate pair of shoes not only improves your posture but also affects your mood. If your feet are aching because of your ill-fitting shoes, do you still have the courage to walk another kilometer while wearing a naturally friendly smile? I’m sure your mind will be filled with « can’t wait to get home and take these shoes off ! » thoughts. It’s better to be trendy and still stay comfy especially when you have to walk a lot here in Paris.

Sneakers are one of- if not the-most comfortable footwear next to bedroom slippers. They are also called trainers, tennis shoes, gym shoes, runners, athletics shoes, etc. These shoes were originally used for sports but are now part of our everyday casual wear.

Here are some sneakers that are apt for cold and rainy days.

Women’s Keds Triple Up Leather

Aside from making you an inch taller because of its platform, it can also keep your feet an inch away from the cold ground. You do not have to worry about puddles and heavy rains. It has also a leather upper which makes it easier to wipe and clean. Keds  Dream Foam footbed also ensures maximum comfort and breathability for your feet. Imagine, a foam bed for your feet.  It feels like bedroom slippers and you might not want to take them off. No wonder why Taylor Swift likes them too. Another thing, not so many people wear this in France. So if you don’t want to look like everybody else, this one is for you.

Vans Sk8-hi

Vans are good quality shoes made for our skateboarding brothers and sisters back then but now everybody is wearing them. You can’t blame everybody. Vans shoes are comfortable, can go with anything and this pair could keep you warm during cold seasons.

Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low

Let’s do it. You can do wear it during cold and rainy days thanks to its leather upper and platform. It is also lightweight. The design is kinda sleek and you can wear it with anything.

Winter is gray, cold, and can be depressing. Wearing something that makes us feel good is a step to fight these negative feelings that usually come this time of year. And it starts with a good pair of shoes.

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