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Picnic Activity Ideas for Summer

Whenever I passed by Bois de Boulogne on weekends, I would always see a group of Filipinos picnicking. It always gave me the idea to go directly and rummage around the table because I am sure that everybody prepared super delicious dishes.

Two Sundays ago, I was invited to a birthday party at Bois de Boulogne. That’s the fourth time that I’ve been on a Filipino picnic since I arrived here in France. We were about 20 but the food was enough for 40 people. I can eat for five people so it’s perfect.

Aside from sharing a delightful meal, we also enjoyed talking and sharing jokes. That could make my day already. But how about some more activities for a change?

Here are some ideas :

1. Molkky

                  It is a throwing game that originated in Finland. The game uses 12 pins made out of wood with numbers 1-12 marked on its top part. The goal is to knock the wooden pins by using another wooden pin without a number. If you knock one pin, your points will be based on the number marked on that pin. However, if you knock more than one pin, your score will be based on how many wooden pins you knocked over. The winner is the first one who obtains 50 points. If you exceed 50 points, you will be penalized and your score will automatically go back to 25.

A set of Mölkky

2. Pétanque

                  This game is very popular in France. It falls under the ‘’boules’’ sports category. It officially originated in La Ciotat, in Provence, France.  The things needed are the boules (balls) and the cochonet which is a little ball.

Equipment to play Pétanque

                  The goal is to have the boules closer to the cochonet than your opponents by rolling or throwing it. Points are determined after all the boules are thrown and those who have the most of the boules closer to the cochonet would be the winner.

3. Hula Hoop

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                  Hula hoop is not for competition but you can surely make it one too. The person who can spin the hula hoop longer will win. It’s a very fun activity so everybody is a winner.

90 cm hula hoop for beginners

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