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Accredited Online Courses for 19€- TEFL, TESOL, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Lightroom, Blogging, etc.

Learning a new skill or upgrading the one you have is important to develop your career and would be helpful for your business, profession, or for your everyday life. Aside from that, you could earn a certificate at the end of the course.

Here are some of the courses you could leverage to increase your “hireability”, improve your business practices or your day to day life.

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1. 120-Hour TESOL or TEFL

Level up your career by getting certified as an English teacher.

2. Teaching English Online

3. Adobe Lightroom

Make your photos stand out. Learn how to edit them like a pro.

4. Adobe Indesign

Learn how to create flyers, brochures, books, ebooks, or simply how to personalize your CV with Indesign.

5. WordPress Website and Blog Builder

Do you have a considerable amount of free time? Start blogging and share your ideas with the world. You also have the option to monetize it.

6. Autism Awareness

7. Interior Design and Home Styling

8. HR and Payroll Management

9. Event Photography

10. Make up and artistry

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