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Ideas for Physical Activities during COVID-19 Lockdown/Confinement

We are living in historic times. Years from now, our descendants will be talking about this incident that drove us to practice social distancing and be confined in our homes. As a social animal, it is not easy as we love to be with other human beings. The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) locks us up. Thanks to our technology that allows us to continue our interaction with our friends, family and the world.

No one knows yet when this will be over. However, we must bear in mind that the world keeps on turning and life goes on. Let’s hope for and dream of that day when this pandemic ends.

In the meantime, we must not neglect ourselves. Without our normal physical activities, this is difficult. We can only go out for 20-30 minutes per day otherwise we will be fined at least 135€. And it’s not just about the fine. We can earn that money back. But lives ? We can not bring that back.

So, to protect ourselves and others, let’s do some exercises within the four corners of our home. Here are some ideas :

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexel.
  • Yoga

Even without a lockdown, yoga is always good. It improves respiration and cardio health, increases flexibility and metabolism, relieves stress and a lot more physical and mental health benefits.

Personal experience. I do it everyday. It feels like something’s missing if I don’t do it. I usually had back and leg pains before and since I’ve been doing yoga, I can survive standing and walking all day long. I feel light. I have no problem climbing up stairs and lifting some boxes.

You can do basic poses like 10 sun salutes, warrior pose, plank pose, downward dog, cobra pose…

  • Hula Hooping

Hula hooping is part of the flow arts which involves manipulation of objects. It’s fun and very sporty. You will not even notice the time passing and that you’ve been exerting a lot of energy already.

Girl Hooping. Designed by Freepik.

Study shows that you burn more or less 210 calories for 30 minutes of hooping. For an hour, you are going to lose 420 calories.  And you wouldn’t notice it and you would be wanting for more especially if you’re determined to learn or perfect your chest or leg hooping. It’s not boring. You’ll be dancing with the hoop.

Nota bene :

The size and material of the hoop is important.

For beginner hoopers, a larger and heavier is better. I’m a  size 32 girl. When I learned hooping, I succeeded with the 80 cm diameter hoop but the 90 cm was way better. So, opt for a bigger hoop.

Tubing materials  for beginners:

  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE)- lighter
  • Polyethylene (PE) – heavier and harder
  • PVC – it’s heavy also. It’s the pvc we use for our pipes. I don’t recommend this. It’s painful when it hits your body especially when you’re learning some dance moves.

For intermediate and advanced hoopers:

  • Polypro – It’s so light and springy. Perfect for off-body tricks.

Here are some of my picks to give you an idea. These are collapsible hoops so you can put them in a bag when you travel.

Collapsible PE Hoop


PVC Tubing 100cm diameter hoop

HDPE Tubing Hoop. I got this one in orange. When it’s taped, it has a grip so it will not slide down.

Polypro I got this one too. However, ven if you know how to hoop already but haven’t used a polypro, you need some adjustment time too. Not recommended for beginners.


A friend gave me 1 HDPE and 1 PE hoop then I ordered mine at Amazon and another store. The ones we saw for kids at the sports store are not really the perfect ones. When you hoop with those and you notice you’re not improving, it not you. It’s the hoop.

  • Belly Dancing

Before I did the yoga, I was into basic belly dance workout. Home belly dancing. Here are the videos that helped me. It’s fun. What I really noticed was the way I walk. Have you ever had a squeaky door that was very annoying ? When you applied some oil or grease to it, you felt some relief. Imagine your body joints as that door.

When I followed the video of twins Neena and Veena, it was like my joints have had a good lubrication. My mom always told me that I walk like an « estambay ». That was changed. I started walking with grace because the joints of my hip, thigh and ankles were like lubricated. I walk and sway. When I go up or down the stairs, I felt bouncy .

When you do the last part of the video, it’s like you’re having a good back massage.

It may look easy but it requires energy and will make you more flexible.

  • Zumba

It’s another fun way of losing weight and keeping your muscles toned. Open Youtube and follow those Zumba moves.

While some of us are complaining about being bored at home, our health personnel and the rest of the frontliners could not even complain about being tired and being scared. So let’s stay put and stay fit.

Feel free to share your ideas through the comments below and videos would be nice too. Thanks for your time ! 

Honesty corner: This website is affiliated with Amazon. So if you decide to purchase from those links I’ve provided, I would be receiving some commission. Feel free to purchase too. 🙂

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