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My Sojourn in Dièppe, Normandie (In memory of summer ’18)

Being an island girl from one of the largest archipelagic countries in the world, I could always feel the sea calling me. So, on the invitation of my friend who has just moved to Dièppe, Normandie, I booked my ticket with Flixbus and was so excited to get there. The travel took 2h55 mins, a bit longer than Bla-Bla car… but I love bus rides. Again, it’s a good venue for self-reflection and daydreaming.

Dièppe has also its share of the popular pebbled beaches lining up in some parts of the Normandy coast. You will be awed by the picturesque cliffs, the 15th-century Chateau de Dièppe, and the four ports – fishing, commercial, a marina and the transmanche for boats from Dièppe to Newhaven, England. It is also the home of the Eglise Saint Jacques (Santiago) de Dièppe, a gothic church which is one of the pilgrimage stops to Compostela. Another interesting gothic church is the St. Rémy which is just very close to the former. 

I’ve  been a Dièppoise for two weeks and I’ve got my five senses satisfied by the place. Thanks to my Parisienne/Dièppoise friend. Another favorite moment of mine while I was there was sitting on the Pollet cliff facing the Chateau de Dièppe is the Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours which is dedicated to the sailors lost at sea. Inside the chapel you would see plaques containing their names. You can either drive or walk to the chapel (you won’t regret if you walk). You can also find the Les Voiles d’Or, a Michelin-starred restaurant priding itself on their fresh seafoods specialties. 

From the Pollet Cliff, you can have a panoramic view of Dièppe including the Chateau. When you are on opposite cliff where the chateau is situated, you would also have a sweeping view of the Pollet cliff and the chapel of course.

Waking up in Dièppe, I could hear the sound of the mouettes (seagulls) and not the sound of the poubelles (bins) dragged by the gardien of the building.  Then when you go to the beach, it would be like you’re playing your meditation music with waves crashing on the shore except that you’re gonna feel and smell the sea breeze. And you would see the spectacular foamy waves with your own eyes too. 

Even if you will not go to restaurants and decide to do the cuisine, you can also go to the fish market and choose from a variety of fruits de la mer at a very reasonable cost. I am an island girl so I am really into fishy food. 

My days spent in Dièppe was kind of homy except the temperature which was several degrees lower than my island province in Philippines.

Cute Houses at Le Pollet…

On the way to Le Pollet:

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