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Baseball Cap Summer Style for Minimalists

Zara Camo Crop Top

Summer is here and I’m starting to feel like I’m in the Philippines. And for that, I also remember my baseball cap dependency back then. Old habits die hard they say, so I’m reviving my fancy for baseball caps while promenading the Parisian streets under the blazing sun.

Why would I stick with baseball caps?

1.    Protection from Sun Exposure and the Glare.
With the temperature going above 30°, I definitely need something to protect my face from the sun in addition to sunscreen. However, I am not a big fan of umbrellas. Opening, closing and keeping them in your bag are quite dragging. Besides, nobody uses umbrella here in Paris or the entire Europe unless it is raining… or snowing. If you don’t want an all-eyes-on-you moment, you might have to skip the idea of opening your umbrella on a hot sunny day.

Bershka Cap and Keds Mono
No Left Turn…
Dress: Akouavi
Cap : Bershka
2.    Convenience.

Baseball caps are convenient. They may not be as good as wide-brimmed hats but if you’re someone who finds wearing the latter quite irksome, they are the best substitutes. When you take a crowded public transport, there is no worry about having someone behind you complaining about the brim of your hat touching his/her face. I’ve got an experience with my fedora hat. So you have to put it on, put it off, put in on again and put it off. Something I really don’t like doing.
3.    Keeping your privacy and other’s privacy.
It’s quite creepy when you focus your gaze at someone especially a stranger even unintentionally. However, when you’re in a public transport full of commuters, avoiding staring at someone would make you look at another person and gazing at the floor would make someone feel that you’re looking at his/her shoes or feet. The best ways to avoid that is read a book or play with your phone. But what if you just want to play an imaginary slide show of the day’s event because you’re tired reading and looking at your phone? Baseball cap is always my savior in this case. I feel like I’m alone in my small world. I won’t be able to see their faces and they will not see mine. Fair and square.

Whatever your preference will be, the thing that matters is you enjoy the summer. If Olaf were here, he would have been singing “In summeeer!” at the top of his lungs already because, yes, here we are. We’ve all been dreaming for this season last winter. So let’s start parading in the streets with our tank and crop tops, shirts, printed dresses, shorts, and all those light clothing you could name. And baseball cap too!

Dress: Forever21
Denim Jacket: H&M
Cap : Bershka
Sneakers: Keds Ace Leather

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