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Bohol Bee Farm: Filipino Products That Can Make You Proud

             I’ve visited four times the Bohol Bee Farm in Dao, Dauis, Bohol during my stay in Panglao island this month so it’s only fair to write something about it. When you arrive at the place, you would realize that it is a stopover when you go to Bohol. Plenty of cars and vans and people roaming the place in an orderly manner though. The amazing thing about it is that the place retains its serenity and friendly atmosphere despite the number of tourists coming by. People seemed to forget their méchancetés once they made that turn to go to Bee Farm, like a spell has been cast obliging us to show our pearly whites.
Directory at the Bohol Bee Farm
Like you’ve got everything while you’re in the middle of the jungle.
            It is like in the middle of the jungle where you could see old big trees with aerial roots making you feel like you’re Neytiri or Jake in James Cameron’s Avatar or Mowgli in Junglebook perhaps. Then, if you continue on walking, you would discover the store, the resort, and the Buzz Café and Restaurant sitting on a cliff that overlooks the Bohol Sea. I’d always place myself at the edge of the restaurant for the thrill of imagining dropping my things and finding ways how to recover them.
            I love going there each time because the place satisfies my five senses especially knowing that they are serving organic food and beverages which are locally sourced. Their products also remind me of childhood. When I saw the “salbaro” on the shelf, my mind instantly travelled to my elementary school years with me drooling over that crispy stuff with latik on it.

It’s Salbaro for me.
Another aspect that would be piqued when you go there is your curiosity. Will you not be tempted to try the Malungay, Gumamela and ginger ice cream? How about some bougainvillea flowers on your humba?

Gumamela and Chocolate Ice Cream
Gumamela and Chocolate Ice Cream
Malunggay and Gumamela Ice Cream
Malunggay and Gumamela Ice Cream

They really have a variety of interesting products from food to cosmetics. All organic. And here comes my favorite of all the favorites, the Honeyed Bahalina with 10% alcohol content. Enough to give you that warm feeling. When have some of it, it would be like taking a leak in a dark suit. They have a free taste for each product and I would use all my free taste privileges on the bahalina. I’ve always brought a customer anyway and the staff is very approachable and friendly too so I don’t feel guilty making 3 or 4 trips back to the bahalina shelf.

Honeyed Bahalina on the shelf
Honeyed Bahalina

            If you forget to bring some cash, they accept credit cards and there’s also an atm machine standing by waiting for you just outside the store. 

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