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When is the Best Time to Visit Paris? (Through My Reference Frames)

Cherry Blossoms in a garden near Porte d'Orleans
Cherry Blossoms at a garden near Porte d’Orleans. Phototaken while waiting for the Blabla car.
         My sisters and some friends are planning to visit Paris and my mission is to suggest to them when is the best time to come here.  I’ve decided to organize my thoughts here so I would be clear.
When I was preparing for my first trip here in Paris, I was eager to make it during the winter. Well, coming from a country where summer goes all year round, I had wanted something entirely different. I haven’t seen a real snow yet at that time. However, my husband and French friends had me convinced to throw my first choice out the window. Firstly, because it doesn’t always snow and the weather isn’t good.

Paris is always nice but there are just some periods of the year that it is at its nicest. But, it still depends on what mood you want to evoke, whether you want something gloomy to have some nostalgic/dramatic effect or something that is like a burst of color for a buoyant feeling. Me, I would love to have both which might be possible anyway.
So, when is the best time of the year to visit Paris?
April to  mid-June
The 2nd week of April is my first choice to roam around Paris because the weather is getting better and the trees greener.  There are a variety of flowers -daffodils, tulips, irises, etc at the public gardens so promenading with splendid colors in view is a merveille. So full of adjectives. =)
April 2016 flowers in Paris
Flowers in a small garden in Paris last Spring 2017.
But what really enchant me are the cherry blossoms and the magnolias which appear until the middle or late April. Photo crazies really need to have extras of battery and memory cards for their cameras.
Magnolia blooming last 20 April 2015.
Magnolia blooming. Photo taken last 20 April 2015.
Then come the roses. The month of May until around the 2nd week of June is the roses’ turn to show off their beauty. Terraces and gardens with blooming roses- yellow, red, white, pink and their different shades will be a delight.
 Aside from enjoying bucolic views, we could do a lot of things or visit different places because the days are getting longer. The sun rises earlier around 7 am and the sun sets around 9 pm and then later and later as the days pass. So after the museum hopping, we can still have enough time to promenade at the parks and gardens or enjoy people-watching sessions at the terasses of Parisian cafés or bars.
Parisians become more “souriants” also beginning this period. Well, after the grey, cold and rainy days, you could imagine what joy the warmer weather brings.
Temperature: (To prepare for the get-up…)
            April – around 15°/5° C. Early April might be a bit colder.
            May – around 18°/10° C.
            June – around 20° / 12° C.
            June is the start of the peak season which goes until August in Paris. So, expect the long queues.
Mid-September – October
I am a big fan of autumn colors so I’m trying to be specific about the dates. The leaves start turning yellowish or orangey around mid-September and in the mid or late October the colors will be in full blast. We can still enjoy this until mid-November but usually, it gets greyer and the weather is not too friendly.
Autumn 2016 at La Coulée Verte
21 Oct. 2016 at La Coulée Verte, an abandoned railroad converted into a 4.7 km linear park. Remember that Before Sunset scene with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke?
The sun rises around 8 and sets around 7.
Temperature: Around 15°/8° C – going lower and lower
                        Rainy days are expected.
Some Tips:
            If you love visiting the museums, which is a must if you come here in Paris, it is good to check out the days where most of the museums are open to the public for free. Like the first Sunday of each month, museums like Musée nationale d’arte moderne- Centre Pompidou, Musée d’Orsay, Musée du quai Branly, etc.
            There are also establishments which offer free entrance to those are below 26 years old.
It will be good to check the list of museums and the days when the entrance is free. Why pay 15€ if you can get in for free?
            There is also the annual Journées Européennes du Patrimoine which usually takes place on the 3rd weekend of September. Several museums/establishments/government offices are open to the public for free like the Louvre, the Elysée Palace (you could meet the President). In 2017, I’ve taken advantage of this weekend with my Malaysian artist friend, Janiz Chan, who came here for her exhibit. We went to the Louis Vuitton Foundation, Les Invalides, Musée de la vie romantique, etc. It was fun. I’ve got plenty of freebies.
Fondation Louis Vuitton
The Fondation Louis Vuitton participated in the Journées Européennes du Patrimoine 2017.
The freebies and souvenir items I’ve got during the Journées Européennes du Patrimoine 2017.

I hope this helps in planning your travel. Please feel free to ask questions or give suggestions. 

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  1. I miss those autumn walks along the river.Paris is always gorgeous!

  2. I miss those autumn walks along the river.Paris is always gorgeous!

  3. It's so miss-able. And I miss the "walking" with you! à la prochaine?

  4. i wish i wish. i can visit paris someday soon.
    interesting blog

  5. Paris is waiting!

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