Flood in Paris 2018
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Flood in Paris: La Seine River Swells

The water level of the Seine (Pont Neuf)
Water level at the Pont Neuf
It is quite difficult to imagine Paris without the Tour Eiffel but I can never imagine Paris without La Seine. Walking along the banks of the Seine, or even just waiting for the bus at the stations along the river, can evoke a real romantic feeling. La Seine has captivated me when I saw that scene from Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw was sitting on a bench watching a boat. Her famous Russian artist boyfriend was always busy, so Paris looked depressing to her despite its glamour.

These past few days, the Seine is not that picturesque and welcoming river that we always have in mind. Rather, it has the appearance of a frustrated and tired exploited below minimum wage workers after work. What I mean is, angry. 
So if you remember those walks along the Seine, the cruise, the tourists, the joggers, those are not possible right now. 
Toilet at a quai of The Seine
At the bank of the River Seine. 
Water level rises at the Seine
Promenading at the bank is a no no this time. 
Rising water level at the Seine
Boats can’t pass under the bridges. Photo: Rémy Rault
La Seine Flood
La Seine
The Pont Saint-Michel which connects the Place St. Michel to the Île-de-la-Cité.
The Pont Saint-Michel which connects the Place St. Michel to the Île-de-la-Cité.
Birdies taking breakfast at the Seine
Flood ain’t a matter if you got wings… Photo: Rémy Rault
Love Locks
Love locks. 

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