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Some Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas

Et voila! It’s Christmas time once again. Colorful and lively decors have found their places signifying that the festive season has started. It will never cease to delight us. And who would not feel so when the smell of bonuses, gifts, parties, holidays is in the air?
Well, we associate these things with Christmas because these are ways of expressing the old tradition of giving and sharing that we have grown up with. Now, is our turn to transmit these to our kids and give them give good childhood souvenirs.
So, have you already come up with some gift ideas for your kids this Christmas? I guess a lot of us have got it all covered. For those who are still figuring it out, you might as well check the stuff that I have discovered about what kids love in the course of my incredible babysitting career. Here they go:
Tiptoi Interactive Toy J apprends anglais
Tiptoi- J’apprends l’Anglais

                 If you are looking for a fun way to teach kids English or other stuff without making them addicted to Ipad, Tiptoi by Ravensburger is the best thing.  This is an interactive toy which allows kids to discover the world independently. When they point the “reader” to any image or text, it will give a sound, information, character or music relating it.

The kids I am babysitting have a “Tiptoi” but in French and I’ve learned a lot of vocabulary and how to pronounce the words because of this toy. I enjoy playing with it as much as they do.

There are plenty of interactive books, from language to geography, by Ravensburger and the “lecteur” or “reader” works on any of those.

               Other Ravensburger Interactive books without “lecteur” or “reader” (Please click on the photo for the details)


2.    Books
One of the things I love here in France is that a lot of people read books- in the metro, in the bus, in the park, waiting for the doctor or wherever they may be. So, it’s the right time to introduce reading to your small version. Besides, kids are always interested in books too.
Here are some books for learning English (Please click on the photos for the details) : 


3.    Cool Pyjamas
 H&M Spiderman Pajama
Sometimes, when the parents are out, they would ask me to stay with the kids and put them to bed. Asking them to wear their pyjamas is always a problem because they keep on running around. I hate to raise my voice or threat them of sanctions. These are my last, last resort . Their character pyjamas save me from stress most of the time.
4.    Funny Slippers
The same case with the pyjamas, the kids do not bother to wear slippers despite the cold. With these funny slippers from H & M, the kids are always excited to put them on. And the slippers never fail to make the adults laugh.
H&M Doggy Slippers
H&M Burger Slippers
5.    Character Dresses

               All the little girls I know love Elsa. Frozen bags, pencil cases, blankets are really popular. Kids will be happy if they have the opportunity to feel a bit like Elsa for a while. The little girl I’m babysitting wears her Elsa dress everyday after school. So why not give them this cute Elsa Dress too?

6.    Musical Instrument Toys
Stir up their love for music and who knows they might become a music icon of their generation. It is good also to teach them how to play musical instruments at an early age and to divert their attention from the Ipad and the TV.  Kids would surely love making noises too J. (You may click on the photos for the details.


         Please don’t forget to share to your friends who are still wondering what to give to their kids or godchildren….Happy Holidays!

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