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Funny and Cool Movies to Watch or Rewatch When You’re Stuck at Home

         The holidays remind me of the films that my siblings and I watched when we’re stuck at home. I go for movies that can make me forget about world wars, poverty and all of these bizarre things going on nowadays. Those that can make me cry or angry are a big no-noes. If I watch something for fun, then it has to be real funny and witty.  

            Here are the films I’ve watched and will rewatch.

1.    The Big Lebowski
If you love the couch, pajama pants, bowling and beverages then maybe you will like this film. It stars Jeff Bridges and other cool actors. Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Aimee Mann are on the film too. It is also the inspiration of the now growing religion or belief “Dudeism”.
2.    Megamind
The blue man is the “incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy”.

3.    Jay and Silent Bob
This is a story of two childhood friends going to Hollywood. Don’t miss a word when you watch this. These two characters are quite popular in the movie universe too. They’ve been into several films including Good Will Hunting and Chasing Amy.
4.    School of Rock
Teaching rock music history to grade schoolers is something I would want to add to the curriculum.

5.    Role Models
Two guys who must perform community service by getting into a big brother program.

6.    The New Guy
When a loser kid becomes a popular kid in school. Check his awkwardness.

7.    The Animal

Another loser guy who suddenly became a strong and muscled one. I did research for Badger Milk after watching this film.

8.    The House Bunny
Ex-Playboy housemate Anna Faris helped a bunch of geeks to gather membership for their sorority.

9.    Orgazmo
If your faith in God and religion is so strong but an opportunity that could solve your problem (which is quite contradictory to your faith) is offered to you, what are you going to do? This film is directed by Trey Parker (South Park) who also stars in the film.

10. The Bodyguard (Thai Film)

             Whitney Houston is not the boss and Kevin Costner is not the bodyguard in this film. But it is funnier. 

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