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Like in Films

I felt like I was in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris while walking to work yesterday. My head spinning with thoughts and I was quite worried whether the kids I was picking up at school would be behaving. Life of a nanny, you know. Suddenly, I felt something strange like my steps were in harmony of something. I had to come back to earth.

There was some music coming from somewhere but I didn’t see the source so I continued walking to find it. I was like, “Okay, seize the moment. Walk like you are in a film. Look at the autumn colored leaves and the sky seeming like a big gray canvas. You are one of these people so wrapped up in dark textiles walking fast, so walk slowly and enjoy the show. Walk, walk, walk.” You see, there’s always a dialogue going on in my head and if you can see and hear it, it’s quite a spectacle. 

Then I saw the gentleman sitting on the bench playing a trumpet like waiting for his lost young love.  I’ve seen too much fiction I guess. 
To complete the scene, I was also like, “Oh, I’mmmm glad, I’m wearing my leopard crop top ‘coz I’m like part of the trees and my mom jeans send me back to the 70s or 80s or Stranger Things. It’s gonna be a good day today.” Shallow or not, you choose your happiness. Wearing nice colors makes me happy. World peace is quite difficult to achieve, so I will just stick to what is more feasible for the moment. Here and now. 
Ensemble:  Zara Leopard Crop Top, Zara Mom Jeans, Keds Ace Leather Shoes, Uniqlo Coat
Closer look: Zara Leopard Crop Top, Zara High Waist Jegging
And yes, the day turned out well. Thanks to the small things…

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