Raining Philippine Flags in Paris

Today was the second time that I’ve seen Philippine flags raining in Place Trocadero, Paris. Blame it – not on the weatherman but on the supporters of President Duterte in France. 
The news that PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar was coming to town for a meet-and-greet circulated last week and I decided, in an instant, to come too. The activity was at 3pm but I was there an hour in advance and in the cold – literally.  Seeing fellow Filipinos near the Tour Eiffel was heart-warming, and it was not only my heart that got warmed up but also the place. The sun suddenly peeked through the clouds as the gathering started.
Tourists who came to see the Tour Eiffel also took pictures of the Philippine flags and the group. And this was the scene when Sec. Andanar arrived. He seemed awed looking at the group and the waving flags with France’s signature building as the background. 

PCOO Sec Martin Andanar
Sec Martin Andanar and Tour EIffel
Sec Martin Andanar: Smile!

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