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How to Get a Carte Vitale (l’Assurance Maladie Card) in France for Non-Europeans

Even if we are not French nationals, we can still benefit from the Carte Vitale. However, we must have to wait three months after our entry in France to be eligible to get it unless you’re employed or have found an employment here in France. In such a case, you can apply immediately.

Sample Carte VItale
I went to the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance in our arondissement because it is near and asked for a rendezvous. I was given a date which was two weeks after that and was told to bring the requirements.

The following are the documents they’ve asked:

·         Passport
·         Titre de séjour
·         Birth Certificate (translated in French)
·         Contract of Employment
·         Bulletin de salaire (latest payslip)
·         Justificatifs de domicile  (proof of residence)
·   RIB (relevé d’identité bancaire) or your bank account details for the reimbursements if ever
·       livret de famille  and acte de marriage (quite married to a français)
Two or three weeks after I’ve submitted the requirements, they sent me my n° de sécurité sociale. Getting your carte vitale will take a while. I received my card three (3) months after. I’ve met some people who had waited longer. To follow up your application, you can call their hotline at 3646.

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