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Best French Language Course in Paris at L.F.A.

Learning to speak a foreign language cannot happen overnight unless you are Kyle XY. It is one of life’s instances where you have to submit yourself to the power of time. We need to wait and invest. Time is an investment and it should be invested in the right place.

At the beginning, you would be very excited to learn the “hi-hellos” in French. However, when you get to the part of verb conjugation, you might start to feel that this is nerve-wracking. Just imagine the verbs, regular and irregular, in the French language which change with each person. And do not forget the tenses and the verb mood too. I’ve heard two teachers from different institutions telling us that there is no other way of learning the conjugation but to memorize all of the verbs. I tried and it made me hopeless.


I’m quite lucky to come across the association “Le Français Autrement” or LFA. At LFA, you will not be told to memorize “all” of the verb conjugations. Memorization is still indispensable but the scope will be narrowed as you will be taught methods and techniques for an easier and more efficient learning.

The time I enrolled at LFA, I knew only how to conjugate the verbs “être”, “avoir”, “pouvoir” and “vouloir” to present tense. After few months with them, I could already conjugate the verbs to different tenses and moods including the passé simple and the subjonctif. Then you will understand deeply the naughty French prepositions and tricky roles of the direct and indirect objects that even if they are turned inside out, you can still nail them. You could learn to speak French elsewhere but to speak correctly and to have a profound understanding of the French morphosyntax is another thing.

The sessions at LFA are well-engineered and in small groups. You will be hitting many birds with one stone. Oh, I don’t want to hit birds, let’s hit “baddies” instead. Anyway, as I learned verb conjugation, I have enhanced also my general culture, orthography, vocabulary and speech as well as French etiquette, slang and lingo. We have debates and discussions about current events and laws which are necessary so we can adapt here. I have read the entire French constitution because of my class presentation on the French political system.


 Speaking French is a challenge and it is doubled if you are an introvert. I know I’ll get there soon and I know that I’ll have a strong foundation. I just have to let time do its magic. And in the meantime, I would console myself with the thought that“good things come to those who wait”

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